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article_imgPO » Ukrainian League of copyright and related rights » is a collective management organization , acting on the basis of the Certificate number 19/2011 of 24 January 2011 issued by the State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine , PO » Ukrainian League of copyright and related rights » manages the property rights of copyright and related rights , including , represents the interests of authors, their heirs, executors music , phonogram producers , including others with appropriate property rights and powers , provides entities commercial use non-exclusive license (permission ) to use music in their commercial activities, including cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs , concert events , shopping malls, hotels and others.

Copyright and related rights are separate, independent institution of intellectual property , is designed to protect the results of creative activity of persons having the copyright and / or related rights , including in particular meet the authors of musical works, their successors , music publishers , record companies , producers of phonograms , performers , that is, individuals or entities who have received a certain way the copyright and / or related rights .

results of creative activity of these persons are musical works, phonograms , and performance recorded in them. Thus, each musical composition consists of several separate objects of copyright , and the recording of this track — with certain objects related prav.Yakscho same in more detail to distinguish between the components of a musical composition , it should be noted that the objects of copyright it has lyrics and music can be created by individuals , for example , co-authored , and a spirited person .

However, objects of related rights is a record of a musical composition , that is, the soundtrack , and performing artists, performers of musical composition for further fixing and recording on any media, for the purpose of self-use for their own use , or for commercial vikoristannya.Varto note that any use of copyright and / or related rights, provides for fair compensation , as provided by international legal treaties and laws of Ukraine .

collection activities for remuneration for the use of copyright and / or related rights are engaged in collective management organizations which are registered in accordance with established procedures , and are registered in the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine , respectively, have the certificate collective management organizations established sample .